The Red Pitaya:-


We have the great pleasure to introduce our latest product, which is produced locally in organic way.

Red Pitaya is the most beneficial nonpesticide fruit which contains remarkable concentration of nutrients, such as vitamin C & E, albumin, betamine, and the most valuable anthocyanocides. It works as tonic and powerful antioxidant to protect us from the damaging of free radicals that cause premature aging, and many other health problems.


Please book in advance, we will reserve the next batch for you. Price $8 per kg

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Ornamental plants:-

We carry a wide varieties of ornamental plants inclusive of palms, trees, shrubs, ground covers and annuals to satisfy your garden needs.

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Potting mix and organic soil enhancer:-

Bio-Root Medium comes in four different formula: 
BR1 - Premium Potting Mix for pot plants :
A Professional growth medium to enhance the healthy 
          root system of your potting plants.

BR2 - Organic Garden Mix
: Custom mix with different percentage of garden soil and Other soil
          conditioners to suit your requirement. 

BR3 - Organic soil enhancer for plants
: Mix with the existing soil to enhance the organic content and
          promote earthworms activity. Formulated with organic compound fertilizer.

BR4 - Organic soil enhancer for lawn
: Mix with the washed sand for lawn top-dressing. Formulated
          with slow release fertilizer. 

BR5 - All purpose organic soil conditioner
: Consist of cattle and chicken manure which is fully
          decomposed through aerobic and high temperature composting, excellent for the improving of
          clayey soil. 

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Organic compound fertilizer:-

Bio-GrowPlus is a premium organic compound fertilizer processed through aerobic and high temperature composting. 

~ To enhance the micro-organism activity in the soil.
~ To increase organic matter, improve soil structure for better aeration and higher water
    infiltration rate.
~ To develope stronger root system and promote higher yield.
~ To reduce the negative effects caused by long term application of chemical fertilizers 
    such as acidifying and hardening of soil.

Bio-GrowPlus ~ GP1 - for leafy plants. 
Bio-GrowPlus ~ GP2 - for lawns. 
Bio-GrowPlus ~ GP3 - for flowering plants. 
Bio-GrowPlus ~ GP4 - for fruit crops. 

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Slow release fertilizer tablets:-

Conventional fertilizing program such as spreading of chemical soluble fertilizer granules monthly, still the main method for providing fertilizer to most of the crops. However, research indicates that the inefficient part of this method is not only the labour cost for the frequent application is higher, a substantial amount of nutrients are actually lost due to the leaching, runoff and the competing of weeds.

BIOMIX slow release fertilizer tablets are developed as an alternative to overcome the above-mentioned inefficiencies associated with soluble fertilizers. The premium mixture of BIOMIX contain ureaformaldehyde which is 70% water-insoluble and it will be released gradually by the activities of micro-organism in the soil. The hardness and the size of the tablets (20g - 50g / tablet) manufacture by our 100KN tablet press machine will also slow down the release of nutrients to prevent unnecessary wastage.

- To feed the plants consistently and continuously for longer growth period. A single application last
   for 8-12 months; 
- Cost saving from the repeating fertilizer application particularly at poorly accessible site.
- The risk of fertilizer salt injury is decrease due to the low salt index;
- Environmental friendly!! To minimize the nutrients excessively dissolving into the soil and ground

BIOMIX is available in the weights of 20g and 50g respectively. The standard packing is 15Kg per box.


  • Reforestation works;
  • Landscaping works;
  • Oil palm plantation;
  • Orchard;
  • Nursery;

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Children playground equipment & Recycled Rubber Safety matting:-

K.N. Nursery (B) SDN BHD is the sole distributor in Brunei Darussalam for the following items:- 

1. PLAYQUIP  children playground equipment;

  • Excellent quality playgrounds designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • Equipments with strict guidelines and performance requirement of Quality
    Assurance Standard ISO9002.
  • Established in 1982 with thousands of playgrounds installed throughout the world.
  • Unique adjustable clamping system with smooth round corners and no protruding flanges from all angles. Solid, die cast high grade aluminum to ensure consistent quality and outstanding strength.

2. PLAYSAFE  recycle rubber safety matting, the ultimate in soft fall cushioning 
for children playgrounds, jogging tracks, swimming pool surrounds, entrance mats 
and others.

  • Playsafe is installed as a wet pour product to meet the individual design & impact
  • AS 4422 compliance, the Playsafe products is free from harmful chemicals and all pigments used are free from heavy metals.
  • Playsafe is water permeable and slip resistant.



We ensure that all products leaving our Nursery is of excellent quality. Please visit our Online Request to make order now.

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